[Church Name] Accountable Reimbursement Plan Documentation

I. Introduction This document outlines the accountable reimbursement plan for [Church Name] to ensure the proper handling and reporting of expenses incurred by individuals in service of the church. The purpose of this plan is to comply with tax regulations and maintain transparency in financial matters.

II. Eligibility All members and employees of [Church Name] who incur expenses while performing their duties or activities on behalf of the church are eligible for reimbursement. This includes pastors, staff, volunteers, and any other authorized representatives.

III. Expense Categories Expenses eligible for reimbursement may fall into the following categories:

A. Ministry-related Expenses B. Travel Expenses C. Office Supplies and Materials D. Meals and Entertainment (with prior approval) E. Other Approved Expenses

IV. Documentation Requirements To receive reimbursement, individuals must provide the following documentation:

A. Original Receipts: Provide original itemized receipts for all expenses. B. Expense Report: Complete an expense report form, specifying the purpose, date, and category of each expense. C. Mileage Log (if applicable): Maintain a mileage log for personal vehicles used for church-related travel.

V. Approval Process A. Submit to Authorized Personnel: Submit the expense report, receipts, and any additional documentation to the designated person responsible for financial matters (e.g., treasurer, finance committee). B. Review and Approval: The designated person will review and approve expenses based on compliance with this plan. C. Reimbursement: Once approved, expenses will be reimbursed on time, typically by check or direct deposit.

VI. Advance Payments In some cases, individuals may request an advance for anticipated expenses. These requests must be made in writing and will be subject to approval.

VII. Tax Compliance [Church Name] will ensure compliance with tax regulations, including the provision of annual reports to individuals and the appropriate tax authorities.

VIII. Reporting Reimbursed expenses will be reported to individuals on an annual basis. These reports will serve as a record of the reimbursements for tax purposes.

IX. Disallowed Expenses Expenses not following this plan or those lacking proper documentation will not be reimbursed.

X. Record Keeping [Church Name] will maintain records of all expenses and reimbursements under applicable regulations.

XI. Review and Amendments This plan will be periodically reviewed and may be amended as necessary to ensure compliance with changing regulations and the needs of [Church Name].

By adhering to this accountable reimbursement plan, [Church Name] seeks to maintain financial transparency and ensure that expenses incurred in service to the church are properly documented and reported. This plan will be consistently applied and reviewed for compliance with tax regulations and church policies.


[Name and Title of Authorizing Church Official]

[Church Name] Accountable Reimbursement Plan Documentation (v1.0)

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