Simplify Your Chart of Accounts

Multi-Dimensional Accounting From Account Cloud

Enable real-time reporting and produce up-to-the-minute financials with Multi-Dimensional Nonprofit Accounting From Account Cloud.

Simplify your chart of accounts with Dimensions

Account Cloud's flexible chart of accounts dimensions reduce the need for hard-coded segment combinations, allowing you to focus on your non-profit's mission rather than your account numbers.

Use Multidimensional Accounting To Simplify Your Chart Of Accounts
Categorize Transactions With Account Cloud

Dimensions let you track your church or non-profit like never before

Account Cloud dimensions of financial planning provide you with the flexibility to categorize transactions in ways that make sense for your non-profit or church.

  • "Tag" transactions, as well as operational data, with dimension values. After creating a dimension, use it for any transaction—intelligent general ledger, receivables, payables, time, revenue management, fixed assets, and more.
  • As your non-profit or church changes, add the dimensions you need to easily track what's important to your business.

Streamline your reporting and save time

Dimensions helps you make better business decisions by providing faster access to critical insights.

  • When you create reports, use drop-down lists to filter and group your data by dimensions.
  • Go from a standard income statement to profitability by project or revenue by geography with a few clicks of the mouse.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers

Get answers to common questions about the accounting software from Account Cloud Inc.

Account Cloud Multidimensional accounting is a feature for organizations with multiple funds, programs, or locations that allows you to organize, sort, and report information. Multidimensional accounting designates each business unit as its own independent dimension, so you can choose from a list of pre-set dimensions instead of dealing with thousands of entries. The list of dimensions includes fund, program, project, donor, vendor, employee, item, and class.

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