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Church accounting software made for your ministry

Discover the power of simplified financial management with Cloud Books 365, the ideal solution for churches of all sizes. Embrace the ease of tracking donations, managing expenses, and generating financial reports, all within a secure, cloud-based environment.

Cloud Books 365 respects the unique needs of your ministry, offering intuitive tools that free up more time for your core mission. With our platform, financial transparency and accountability become effortless, allowing you to focus on what truly matters in your spiritual community.

Ready to transform the way your church handles finances? Explore our Plans and Pricing to find the perfect fit for your ministry’s needs.

Transform Your Church’s Finances with Cloud Books 365

Elevate your church’s financial management with Cloud Books 365. Our user-friendly platform offers effortless tracking of donations, streamlined expense handling, and clear financial reporting, all in a secure, cloud-based system.

Save time, gain transparency, and focus more on your ministry, and less on the paperwork.

Let Cloud Books 365 be your partner in efficient financial stewardship.

Effortless Donation Tracking

Keep a clear record of every contribution with Cloud Books 365’s streamlined donation tracking. This feature simplifies the management of tithes and offerings, ensuring accuracy and ease in acknowledging your congregation’s generosity.

Simplified Expense Management

Gain control over your church’s expenditures with our intuitive expense management tools. Cloud Books 365 makes it easy to categorize and track expenses, from utility bills to mission fund allocations, enhancing your financial oversight.

Transparent Financial Reporting

Create detailed financial reports with ease. Cloud Books 365 provides customizable reporting tools that help you maintain transparency with your congregation, ensuring trust and clarity in your church’s financial health.

Secure, Cloud-Based Access

Access your church’s financial data securely from anywhere, at any time. Our cloud-based platform guarantees the safety of your financial information while offering the flexibility to manage church finances remotely.

Enhanced Collaboration Tools

Facilitate better teamwork within your church’s financial team. Cloud Books 365’s collaborative features allow multiple users to work together efficiently, ensuring a unified approach to managing church finances

Simple Fixed Asset Management

Gain control over your fixed assets with our intuitive fixed asset management tools for churches. Cloud Books 365 makes it easy to track your fixed assets, from church vans used for church functions to the office fixtures used by the church office and everything in between.

Grant Tracking & Accounting

Manage your entire grantmaking workflow, from grant applications through payments, in one solution. Cloud Books 365 makes it easy to track your grants and report on activity that happened against the grant so that you can comply with the grant’s requirements.

Cloud Books 365 Knowledge Hub

Explore the Cloud Books 365 Knowledge Hub, your go-to resource for mastering our financial management platform. This comprehensive guide offers easy-to-follow tutorials, best practices, and tips specifically tailored for churches. Whether you’re new to Cloud Books 365 or seeking to maximize its potential, our Knowledge Hub empowers you with the information and insights to transform your church’s financial management seamlessly. Dive in and discover the full capabilities of Cloud Books 365 at your fingertips.