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Overhead costs are the ongoing expenses that a construction company faces, regardless of its current projects.

These are the costs that aren’t directly linked to building something but are essential for the day-to-day operation of a business.

Overhead costs can be the monthly expenses you incur, such as electricity, rent, or internet bills, which are necessary to keep your business functional.

The Role of Overhead in Construction

In the construction industry, overhead costs include the salaries of administrative staff, office rent, utilities, and the cost of maintaining equipment.

These costs are like the backdrop to every project—a constant presence that, while not directly contributing to the construction of a building, supports the overall operation of the company.

Managing Overhead

Effective management of overhead costs is vital for maintaining profitability. Construction companies need to regularly review and adjust their overhead expenses to ensure they are not eating too much into the profit margins.

Strategies might include optimizing office space, investing in energy-efficient equipment, or streamlining administrative processes to reduce labor costs.

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