Understanding Change Orders

Change orders are formal agreements that modify the original construction contract.

They can change the project's scope, costs, or timeline due to unforeseen issues or requests for additional work.

Imagine deciding to add a window to a room halfway through construction; a change order would adjust the original plan to include this new element.

The Importance of Change Orders

Change orders are crucial for adapting to changes without disrupting the entire project.

They provide a structured way to agree on modifications and ensure that all parties are on the same page regarding new expectations, costs, and deadlines.

This flexibility is vital for managing the dynamic nature of construction projects.

Managing Change Orders

Effective management of change orders involves clear communication, detailed documentation, and mutual agreement between the owner, contractor, and any other involved parties.

It's important to assess the impact of any change on the project's overall timeline and budget, negotiating terms that are fair and achievable.

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